Take a part of the festival with you home

Since 1979, Gothenburg Basketball Festival has been a big part of the basketball world in Sweden and has helped over 10 000 kids and young players create memories for life.

Now, for the first time ever, we can present the GBF Collection. A couple exclusive items that can make your experience of the festival even better and a chance for you to take a part of the festival with you home.

During the Festival you will be able to try and purchase merch in Gothenburg. Down below, you can see a schedule of where our collection and merch will be located:
Wednesday 17/5 - Gothia Arena
Thursday 18/5 - Gothia Arena
Friday 19/5 - Idrottshögskolan, Court D
Saturday 20/5 - Idrottshögskolan, Court D
Sunday 21/5 - Valhalla, Competition office