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BMS Herlev

Medals 2019:
(Slutspel A)
2018: 2 2017: 2
2018: 1 2017: 1 2016: 1
Medals 2019:
(Slutspel B)
2016: 1
BMS Herlev was one of 14 clubs from Denmark that had teams playing during Göteborg Basketball Festival 2019. They participated with two teams in Boys-17 and Girls-14 respectively. The team in Girls-14 made it to the the Final in Slutspel Aand won it over Bankeryds Basket by 37-16.

In addition to this, BMS Herlev have participated in Göteborg Basketball Festival before. During Göteborg Basketball Festival 2018, BMS Herlev had 9 teams playing in Easy Basket Boys-11, Easy Basket Boys-12, Boys-15, Easy Basket Girls-12, Girls-13, Girls-14 and Girls-16 respectively. Three teams played until Final in Slutspel A; Girls-13 won over Bjärred 305 Guld by 42-16, Girls-16 won over Alvik Basket by 43-23 and Easy Basket Boys-12 Vikings lost against ALBA by 33-36.

BMS Herlev comes from Herlev which lies approximately 220 km from Västra Frölunda, where Göteborg Basketball Festival takes place. The area around Herlev does also provide 12 additional clubs participating during Göteborg Basketball Festival 2019 (Among others: Birkerød Basketball, SISU, ALBA, Falcon, Virum Vipers, Bjärred 305, Gladsaxe Basketball Klub, Hørsholm 79ers Basketball, Lobas and BK Amager).

14 games played


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